Plasencia Alma Del Fuego (Robusto)

Born from fire, and to the fire it shall return.

When you gaze across the waters of Lake Nicaragua, two volcanoes can be seen rising imposingly from the shores of Ometepe Island. The Conception is the active volcano to the north, and the inactive Maderas lies to the south. These volcanoes are the reason the soil of Ometepe is so black & rich in nutrients, and why the island grows some of the best tobacco in the world.

The Plasencia family has long loved the leaf that comes from this island, and the Alma del Fuego is their tribute to Ometepe. To acieve the full potential of the volcanic soils, all the Ometepe tobaccos used for the double binder and half the filler blend are aged for seven long years. The wrapper and remaining fillers are from Jalapa, and all the tobacco contained herein was grown on Plasencia’s own farms, operating for more than five generations. The body is medium-full and the flavors aren’t shy, producing tons of earth, leather, and espresso with a spicy finish. Alma del Fuego is Spanish for Soul of Fire, a fitting name. Born from the sun and volcanoes, and awaiting the flame of your lighter to burn it down to the nub.

Good news! The Plasencia Alma del Fuego has been awarded with a 92-point rating, noting “Gleaming with oils, this box-pressed cigar is fashioned with a flat head and closed foot. Its open draw offers plenty of spicy, woody smoke that’s accentuated by touches of coffee bean, dried fruit and cloves. The finish is nutty and sweet.”


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