Deadwood Core Fat Bottom Betty

Fat Bottom Betty you make the cigar world go round!

Fat Bottom Betty? I’m not sure if we’re talking about an awesome Saturday night, or one of the most popular releases from Drew Estate, but either way, I’m in! Drew Estate has been at the top of the cigar game for years now, and with their Deadwood Tobacco line of cigars the success continues. Originally dubbed the Three Yummy Bitches, this series of cigars has recently been released to the masses and we couldn’t be happier.

The name is crazy, the packaging is bizarre, the sizes are … well, less-than-traditional, but if you know Drew Estate you’re already well aware that these are on the must-try list. With a maduro wrapper that’s exotic and aromatic, these cigars deliver wave after wave of delicious Drew Estate flavor. Even though they are NOT infused, Fat Bottom Betty Cigars are a part of Drew Estate’s Deadwood Tobacco line which is an aromatic line of cigars that offer up an intense flavor profile that is naturally sweet and very easy on the nose. After the success of Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and many more cigars, would you really doubt that these sticks are anything less than stellar?


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