Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway line of perfectos has captivated American cigar smokers since its debut in 1983. Since then, several cigars with the same shape— but not the Hemingway name—have come on the market, and most have been extraordinary. Our favorite is the Best Seller, a Hemingway in spirit, if not in name. The 5 by 55 smoke has amazing curves, with a nipple bottom that flares out into a fat bulb, which then gradually narrows to the rounded head. The cigar is as hard to make as it looks. Even if it weren’t so visually stunning, the Best Seller would be one of the world’s best cigars. It is made with well-aged tobaccos that express themselves with a sweet wood flavor and a touch of honey.


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